Your Health Advisor in Switzerland
I have been providing this service for the past 12 years. As a doctor who graduated in St-Petersburg, I can give you access to top medical resources to help you address your healthcare challenges and protect your health
Yulia Riesch, doctor, health advisor, consultant, translator
I will be your trusted health advisor and will assist you in navigating the healthcare system in Switzerland
When faced with a serious or complex medical diagnosis, having a dedicated resource for coordination of your care makes a world of difference
How I make it happen
Through my thoroughly-vetted relationships with top specialists I can quickly get you in the door with the best doctors and institutions. I will coordinate all aspects of your care
  • I will provide you with preferential access to top-ranked Medical Centers of Excellence and leading specialists in Switzerland for check-up, treatments, rehabilitation, pregnancy, and childbirth

  • As your health advisor, I will coordinate your medical appointments and can accompany you to them to make sure you are receiving all of the information you need

  • I will secure and expedite your access to second opinions to ensure that you receive the correct diagnosis and are confident in your treatment plan

  • I will help organize your visit to Switzerland for a health check-up and for medical treatments. I can also arrange online consultations with medical specialists upon request

  • I also offer translation services in French, Russian, and English, as well as assistance with filling out paperwork and obtaining invitations from clinics
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